What’s happening in Mr. Ross’ world? Lots of good stuff!

By J. K. Ross

Our 2nd-3rd graders are studying Washington state history, learning about archeology and the Ozette dig, early exploration of our coastal area, and Lewis and Clarke…good stuff?


In fourth grade we are learning about Columbus, Magellan, Cortez, and the other Europeans who sailed the ocean blue. We are making our own explorer trading cards and learning about what it takes to be an explorer…g.s.


In middle school drama class we are reading and evaluating plays with a goal of selecting one that we will memorize and perform this spring, we have found several that look promising. More news on that front later! …more GS

In science we are learning about cells and genetic traits and are planning a field trip to the UW genome lab (where Mr. Zimmerman’s wife works) a rare opportunity! Science has been great this year thanks to our visiting professor Dr. Zimmerman who has been graciously donating his time and amazing experience to our school and your children…great stuff!

All of us are showing growth as students and as individuals, we are a family and a team with all the ups and downs that go with both. I am thankful and blessed to be part of your Academy Schools family and all of this Great Stuff!

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