Where Is Wes?

“I’m out of town for the entirety of August at an artist residency in SW Washington and having a great time! Here’s where I am, BTW: www.willapabayair.org – it’s a delight!”

Willapa Bay AiR, situated on 16 acres in coastal Southwest Washington State, founded by Cyndy Hayward, launched its residency program earlier this year. It offers month-long, self-directed residencies to emerging and established artists, writers, scholars, singer/songwriters, and musical composers, and was designed to foster creative endeavor. Rotating committees of artists and professionals in their field and discipline select participants from a broad spectrum of creativity – from visual, musical or literary arts to environmental or scientific projects.

Mr. Weddell on the clam flats of Willapa Bay

Mr. Weddell on the clam flats of Willapa Bay

There was a Wes-siting earlier this week at Academy Schools, as he was busy sprucing up the music/art room. He repainted the floor with our students in mind, introducing music notes design to define places for the children to sit during class time. His newest creation is sure to be a big hit, especially when music class begins in a couple of weeks.

art room floor 1

Mr. Weddell, a member of the Bushwick Book Club Seattle, brings a unique form of music to Academy Schools every week that integrates music with literature. Check out Bushwick’s STYLE program at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTREw77CkHE&feature=player_embedded and I think you will recognize some faces and places…

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