We Have Been Working Hard!

March 2015 post by Mrs. Rodriguez

3-15 swimmingWatch out, some great learning and some great experiences have been happening in the 1st and 2nd grade classroom. Our swimming lessons have started and we have been enjoying going for our 30 minute lessons every week. We have been learning how to kick, put our faces underwater, and how to float. Since we are always well behaved we are allowed at the end of our lesson to jump in the pool and our instructor catches us.

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We have been working hard on our writing skills. Every morning we write on a journal topic. Sometimes we are given a journal topic and other times we write on a topic called “What’s on your mind?” That is when we write about anything that we are thinking about. This week we have been taking our journal entries into the computer lab to practice our typing skills. Once we type it then we draw a picture to go with it. It is hard to remember our home rows on the keyboard, but they say practice makes perfect. We will be having a lot of practice because next we will be typing up our writer’s workshop stories. For our next blog we will put up some of our stories so you can read and enjoy them.

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We are enjoying learning about what genre of books we like to read. Some of us like to read fantasy books about fairies, princesses, and faraway lands. Other students like to read non-fiction books. Books that tell us information about certain things. Our silent reading time is so important. It is the time we get practice in our reading skills. During language time we do minute timings to see if we improve our reading fluency. Reading fluency is how many words we read in a minute. We did a timing this week and all of us improved in how many words we read a minute! J We also enjoy our read aloud times too. The book we are reading in class is Ramona Quimby, Age 8. It is funny to see what Ramona is going to do next.

In math we have been learning about the value of money. It is hard to keep track of how much each coin is worth. We love playing a money game called I have…how much do you have? It is a fun way to learn how to count money. We also love playing money bingo. Who knew math could be so much fun!

Can you name all the continents? We can! In geography we have been learning the names of the continents. We have a great song that helps us with learning. Starting next week we are going to be Skype-ing with some people who live in Australia. We are coming up with questions we want to know about the continent. Then we take our questions to the computer lab where we type them up. We are also coming up with some questions and putting them in an email and we will be emailing a school in Africa! A big thank you to Mrs. Wolff for helping us get in contact with the school. We are loving learning about Africa. Here is a fact you might not know…did you know baby elephant calves suck their trunks to comfort themselves. We talked about how that is like how a baby might suck their thumb.


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