Water Water Everywhere!

March Madness of a different variety – Middle School Social Studies with Mr. Tower

Middle School students at King County’s South Water Treatment Facility

This semester in Social Studies we are exploring Pacific Northwest History.  All of us are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country that has an abundance of natural resources.  Your students have been learning about the different regions of our varied geography.  We are surrounded by mountains, trees and lakes. Our proximity to the Pacific Ocean tends to cause quite a bit of precipitation in the lowlands but it’s all of that darn rain that helps keep the plant and animal life thriving!

Noah taking in the sights, sounds and (bad) smells of the water treatment plant.

To learn more about our community and the most important natural resource in the world (water) we took a short two-mile drive to our local water treatment plant.  Kelly, our wonderful tour guide, showed us exactly what happens to all the organic waste, chemicals and trash that go down the various drains in our homes.  It is a long journey through the treatment plant before the water can safely be pumped back out into the Puget Sound.  We had a great time learning about this complex process and now have a better appreciation for the 50-80 gallons of water that we individually use on a daily basis. 

Kirin exploring the final stages of water treatment before it is pumped back out to the Puget Sound.

Currently, we are learning about Pacific Northwest Native Americans as well as the Lewis and Clark expedition.  There are more field trips and lots of fun left to be had this year.  Let’s all hope for some sun!


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