Virtual Travelers

By Mrs. Rodriguez

Preparing for an overseas call. Note the questions on the white board…

The world is so large and at times such a big concept for younger students to understand. In order to learn about countries in the past we have turned to maps and books. We still do use our maps and books but we also have an amazing opportunity with the new technology that is out there at our finger tips. The first and second graders had an opportunity to Skype last week with a young lady from Germany.

Maria is my niece who now lives and works in Germany. She was kind enough to set up a time to be able to Skype with the students and answer their questions. Before their appointment time to Skype the students brainstormed questions they could ask her about Germany. The students came up with both standard questions you would normally ask along with unique questions that were on their minds. Some of the questions that were asked during their session where:

~ What do you do in Germany?

~Do you have hot chocolate in Germany?

~Do they have libraries in Germany?

~Are there big bodies of water in Germany?

~Do you have pickles in Germany?

~Are there big mountains in Germany?

Studying a map to get their bearings...

Studying a map to get their bearings…

Maria explained to the students she lives near a bird sanctuary so it is beautiful where she lives. The students were able to share what they have been learning in science about birds. She was able to inform them what kind of birds they have in Germany and what birds here in the United States would be similar too to the ones in Germany. The students were fascinated they had a bird like a Robin.

During the conversation Maria was able to teach them hello and goodbye in German. She then told the students she was looking forward to coming back to the United States next week for a visit. She asked if she could come and visit the children in person. The students were very excited and after the Skype appointment said “I can’t believe we are going to be able to meet her in person. After we just talked to her in Germany.”
C Rod 11-20-14 b
This incredible experience may not have been possible without the incredible technology and the opportunity of time that Academy Schools provides.

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