These Are Not Lincoln Logs !

By Amanda Monger
Lincoln mosaic in Rubik's cube

I can’t believe how incredibly proud I am of my Rubik’s Club kids! We started off our club in October with many of us not even knowing how to work on a Rubik’s cube. We worked together to learn the patterns we needed to solve the cube. It was always challenging but sometimes frustrating and they stuck with it.

Rubik's Cube Club members

We then moved into using our new-found skills to learning how to follow diagrams to create mosaics out of 300 cubes. We had to learn to follow patterns on the Rubik’s Cube, read and follow instructions, work together so we didn’t get confused about which cube went where, read a table outlining where the cubes should go and what they should look like, and we had to be able to match our work with the complicated diagram.

Rubix 1-13 b

Once we were able to complete the beginner mosaics, I borrowed a set of 330 Rubik’s cubes from and we began work on our intermediate cube. It took us three club sessions to complete our mosaic of Abraham Lincoln and I couldn’t be prouder! It looks amazing and the kids are really feeling a sense of accomplishment coming from their months of fun and hard work.

Look for a print of this mosaic on canvas at Academy Schools’ Auction on March 9th and bid high!

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