The Three Sisters Garden

DSCN3595 During the first week of Summer Academy at Academy Schools, we planted seeds for corn, pole beans, zucchini, crook neck squash, and pumpkins.  Our theme that week was Roots – Indigenous Peoples of the Northwest.  We designed our garden to reflect the Native American Three Sisters tradition.  The corn stalks represent the Oldest Sister, who supports her younger sisters Pole Beans and Squash.  The Bean stalks climb up the corn stalks, and the squash shades the roots of the taller plants.  Our pumpkin vines will tumble down the hillside to create our own Pumpkin Patch just in time for Halloween. Our raised beds are also home to peppers, tomatoes, salad greens and herbs.

The plan is to welcome our students and families back to school by serving our own homegrown vegetables in salads and salsa.  We will also deliver vegetables to our local Tukwila Foodbank.

Thank you to all of our Summer Academy students who have planted, watered, and tended our garden this summer:  Sean, Alex, Mia, David, Ewan, Emily, and Josh!


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