by Zachary, 5th Grade

I will have a great Thanksgiving this year. We all have to make something. I am going to make the usual pumpkin pie with a twist. Here is my recipe.

5 loaves of bread
23 pumpkins
500 pounds of sugar

Now here comes the twist…

2 cups of dyed green water
5 birds wings
Potion of fire
Ice cream
5 jars
and then let a dog lick it 10 times

So I got all the stuff that I needed and used a speed potion on it. Then all I had to do is stir it.

So I stirred it and I came out with a delicious pumpkin pie. Then I brought it out and my parents both said to me, “This looks like a delicious pumpkin pie, Zachary. Thank you.”

Zachary's Thanksgiving Recipe

So we started to eat. My mom took a bite and then she sprouted wings and started to fly and she flew above the house and started to breathe fire. My dad looked at her and I said, “Wow.” Then we both ate some and then we sprouted wings and flew and were super happy.

The End.

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