Parents In Action

“At Academy Schools, parent involvement is encouraged and rewarded. It is a special time to volunteer and help others who so cherish your investment of giving to the students as their faces show appreciation for your attentiveness and time spent with them.”     ~ Academy Schools Parent

Dedicated to building an inclusive, child-centered community by sharing our experience and resources, encouraging focused parent participation, and being responsive to our school’s needs. We are Parents in Action!

We are parents who mobilize to meet the needs of the students and staff at Academy Schools. It is our ultimate goal to empower the staff and students through the provision of professional services, capacity building and financial support. By dedicating our resources in a thoughtful manner, we support Academy Schools in their endeavors to provide excellent education services to the children in our community.

Because our families are as diverse as the community we live in, we are able to leverage a talented resource pool including, but not limited to, printing, web design, audio visual, grant writing, graphic design, marketing, fundraising, IT, accounting, and business management.

As Parents in Action, we are fully invested in, not just the education of our individual children, but in Academy Schools’ ability to provide these incredible services to as many children in our community as possible.

Want to know how you can help? Click here to access a form & send a message to the PIA!

Help support the Parents Association with your purchase of our Hanging Flower Baskets – Orders due April 2nd!

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