Stickman’s Space Race

Story and illustrations by Logan, 5th Grade

WARNING: This is not a “Once upon a time” story!

Stickman looks at the presidents' hall

Stickman looks at the presidents’ hall

One day I was looking at the presidents’ hall in the middle of town. This happened in 1959. So after looking at all the presidents, I decided to go home, and after getting home I was watching TV. My wife, Stickgirl, caught an ad before I could catch it. It was titles “Space Race”. We watched it. Me (and Stickgirl by the way) were surprised to see our president, Dwight D. Stickenhower. Dwight was speaking about the Space Race and that our country wanted to get to the moon in the next 10 years. It was like “Hey! It’s enchilada day in the cafeteria! Get your free enchiladas, but beware of rocks! Don’t wanna trip!”

Dwight D. Stickenhower announces the Space Race

Dwight D. Stickenhower announces the Space Race

Nine years later I got my spaceship finally built!

Stickman's spaceship - Finally built!

Stickman’s spaceship – Finally built!

I went inside with Stickgirl. Stickgirl pressed a button. I heard a voice. “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…BLAST OFF!!!” The ship made a loud rumbling sound. Before I knew it, we were 300+ feet above the ground. When we got to space, which was in less than a minute, I saw a ship. Neil Stickstrong was in there, so it was really a Space Race!

Stickman bumps Neil Stickstrong into outer space.

Stickman bumps Neil Stickstrong into outer space.

I sped my ship up to 1,200 MPH, the highest it will go. But Neil’s highest was 1,250 MPH. We spread, but then I bumped him out into space!
So I was the first person to reach the Moon! When I took my step on the moon, I said “A small step on the moon, a big leap to mankind”. When I got home to see the news, it appears that Neil crashed into Mars.

The End.


  1. What a great story! I wish I could have thought of blending fact with imagination when I was ten years old! Impressive indeed!

  2. What a wonderful learning environment!!

  3. Heather Slack says:

    Awesome story!!! What a great imagination!!!

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