On a Space Mission in Room 11

A message from Mrs. Arntzen dated April 14, 2016Space ship

Hello Parents!

It’s been a great week back to school! If you can believe it, we have roughly eight more short weeks left of the school year! The time is flying! If you haven’t thought about summer camp for your child, we have a great five week, theme-based program lined up! Please take a look at the information available on our website.

Important Dates:

  • No School-Tomorrow 4/15
  • Field Trip– Oxbow Farms – Thursday, 4/21
  • Auction– Saturday, 4/23

Language Arts

This week, I tested all four boys on their fluency and I was very impressed with the results! I will email you a note with their scores. Currently, we are working on the following skills:

  • Beginning blends
  • Verbs
  • Past tense verbs
  • Weekly spelling list w/test
  • Sustained silent reading
  • Whole group reading
  • Comprehension

Math (Across Levels)

  • Partner addition
  • More than, less than
  • Double- digit subtraction and borrowing
  • Measurement (inches)


We have officially blasted off into outer space as we learn about the solar system. We are answering questions like: How does Earth rotate? What is the Sun like? What causes day and night? What causes the seasons?

Social Studies

We are exploring the wonderful world of maps! We each got to take a turn looking at the Google Earth view of our homes. It was very cool and the boys were excited about it as we zoomed in and out from the outer space view! They are also learning how to read a map, use a compass rose and how to examine and pick out continents and oceans on a map.

The power of observation

The power of observation

“Children will learn to explore when they are given the opportunity to do so and not given a reason why they cannot.”

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