Rising Stars

Sunset over the Pacific

This past month, Academy Schools’ very talented music teacher and professional musician, Wes Weddell, was selected for a second time to participate in a special singer songwriter retreat through Willapa Bay AiR. Academy Schools is fortunate to have highly gifted faculty members bring their creative talents to our students.

Clamming in Willapa Bay-It’s not all about the music!

And, if you don’t believe me…read this!


In the artist’s own words: “Balancing the writing and performing pieces of my career with the teaching has its challenges, chief among them the limited number of hours in each day. Getting the chance to disappear into coastal isolation and write was a true delight, and I’m grateful for the support from all of my ‘clients’ that made it happen. I got two-and-a-half new songs out of it!”

Wes is an active member/artist of The Bushwick Book Club Seattle, along with Executive Director – and after school music teacher extraordinaire, Geoff Larson… http://thebushwickbookclubseattle.com/the-bushwick-book-club-seattle/ Keep an eye on this group as their stardom rises in the Seattle sky!



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