Principal for the Day!

On Friday, May 12th, there was a new Principal at Academy Schools!

Father and son, a memorable moment!

The POD (military speak for Plan of the Day) was fully orchestrated by the new Principal at Academy Schools, Master Scoville, including free dress for all (no coupons required).

Christopher led the all-school assembly, initiated the pledge, chose the patriotic song (sung with aplomb by Christopher’s father, Michael), and made announcements.

Principal Scoville had very specific instructions regarding academics…including Literacy for all grades, with a choice of grammar or read a book/short story, math for one hour (teacher’s choice), “cool” science experiments, and computers for grades 3, 4 and 5. At morning recess, elbow tag was permitted, but without jabs or heavy elbows, please! There was pizza lunch for the whole school. And, following lunch, students were served popsicles as they headed outdoors for mid-day recess and PE.

By mid-afternoon, everyone was ready for some outstanding Show & Tell. Once again, Principal Scoville brought his A-game to Academy Schools! Master Rowe from ATA , Seattle Martial Arts and Leadership Academy, came and spoke about his program which teaches discipline, respect, confidence and leadership…all admirable virtues, plus flexibility.

The day ended with an afternoon movie and popcorn in the atrium. Thank you, Principal Scoville, for a memorable day!

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