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News from Room 11

November 1st, 2015rm1101


Hello Parents! We had a great week of learning and exploration last week and I can see that two months into the school year, we have officially hit our stride. The boys are focused and engaged in the learning process and in addition are demonstrating that they are ready for new challenges ahead!



Currently, we learning about measurement in centimeters and inches, solid shapes, and counting on to achieve a higher sum. In addition to our seatwork, we have recently added the Smartboard as a way to interactively explore and review the math concepts we are learning in class. They love it!

rm1102Language Arts

Last week we began to look at fables and what makes up a fable using the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper. We are now able to examine a fable and can determine who the main characters were, what the problem in story was, and what the moral of the story was at the end. We are enjoying our reading buddy groups on Tuesdays and look forward to listening to stories read by our big buddies in Dr. Boomhower’s class. We have begun to use our writing skills to form opinions about text that we are reading. We continue to make strides in reading, and we are working on comprehension skills and making predictions. I have added a weekly spelling component so that each student can practice various spelling words at their own ability level.

Social Studiesrm1104

Our continental study has lead us to South America. Currently, we are studying its landscapes, animals and famous destinations. On Thursday, we took a virtual trip to Machu Picchu. We learned about the beautiful Incan city of stones built atop the Andes in Peru during the 1450’s. All three boys were inspired and really enjoyed learning about this destination. Shane even built a replica of the landmark using play dough! This week, we will wrap up South America and begin our study of Europe. We are learning a lot in our travels!


We continue to explore Animals this week, and have been discussing their life cycles. They will be experts once this segment is done. Next week we will begin to explore animal habitats.

Other Projects


Lately, I have been incorporating time in our week for the boys to bake something in the kitchen. With this activity, they are learning about measurement and reading a recipe, but also working together for a common goal. The boys feel very proud of their skills and enjoy sharing their creations with staff and students at the school.rm1103



I am anticipating another very busy week ahead. In addition to our regular academic schedule, we will be attending Elephant & Piggie’s “We are in a Play!” It will be our first play of the year and we are looking forward to another one in December. The boys continue to delight me with their energy and inquisitiveness and I am so grateful to be part of their lives!

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