A New Flag Is Flying Over Academy Schools

Academy Schools

Thanks to a generous parent, a new flag flies over Academy Schools!

Earlier this week, Mr. Craff came for morning assembly and presented the school with a new American flag.

He spoke of national pride and the symbol of freedom and democracy for which the flag stands. Mr. Craff also told students of the oath all enlisted persons take when they join the United States Armed Forces, the same one he took when he joined the service.


Mr. Craff also donated a POW/MIA flag to honor military personnel held prisoner or missing in any U. S. military conflict. Unlike the American Flag, the POW/MIA flag is properly flown only on specific days each year: National POW/MIA Recognition Day (the 3rd Friday in September), Armed Forces Day (the 3rd Saturday in May), Memorial Day (the last Monday in May), Flag Day (June 14th), Independence Day (July 4th), and Veterans Day (November 11th).

As we gratefully accepted Mr. Craff’s gifts to the school, we also reminded students that everyone at Academy Schools is writing special notes of thanks to our local veterans, to be delivered to the Seattle VA hospital prior to Veterans Day.


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