In The Neighborhood

By Mrs. Rodriguez, Grades 1 and 2

The first and second graders are adjusting to getting back into the school routine. It is especially hard to come back from the lazy days of summer. I am so proud how hard they have been working on their academics. They want to share what they have been learning about with their social studies project!

Families in their Neighborhoods

The students have been working on a unit called Families in Their Neighborhoods. It is important for students to understand how their families are part of a larger community, as well as how a community is formed and what is needed in a community. The discussions that came from these topics were amazing. Some of the questions I asked them were: What other buildings do they think our neighborhood needs? What would happen if there was a fire at a business or a house. One student’s response was, “How could we forget a fire station?”

In this unit students have been creating a mural in our classroom. The mural consists of a neighborhood the students are designing. They first started with a box to create their own houses. Next they designed themselves and placed them in the houses. Currently, they are adding their families to their houses.

We discuss what makes up a neighborhood. Some of the questions we ask in class are: What kinds of businesses do you see around in a neighborhood? What do you think is important to include in our neighborhood? Some of the businesses the students came up with where a pet store, a grocery store, a library, city hall, a police station, a fire station,…and yes…even a hair and nail salon. We also have a community park where the community can come together and gather.

We have discussions about important roles people do in the neighborhood. For example we read a book about a police officer and her important tasks. Then the students created the police station. There was a group discussion about where it should be placed in the community so it could be reached by all business and houses.

It is so wonderful to have a fire truck or ambulance go by and have the students look at out the window. I heard one student say, “Cars move out of the way. They have an important job to do.”


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