Mrs. Malone’s Minute – Presto Change-O, You’re a Sub

On occasion, I get to step into a classroom to cover for a teacher.  As I wrote about last time, I am thrilled to have 20151021_213940017_iOStime to spend with the students in a classroom. Just last week I spent time in Mrs. Shirk’s room.  I was able to assess their understanding of the Daily Five (Mrs. Shirk’s routine for literacy).  It was super fun to watch the students move through the activities ranging from reading to self with a book on a pillow on the rug, to word work with sight words out of play dough.  The best part was reading to each student from a book of their choosing.  Who knew there were so many dinosaurs?  And who spent the time coming up with those names?  (Apparently it was not the same person who named the four-legged mooing animal a cow!)



After daily five we did Explode the Code.  The students love learning phonics!  We practiced coloring, circling or x-ing words that start with the letter F: fish, fences, fork, and the fun was fabulous.  The two groups switched to independent games as their phonics time ended.  They were practicing similar skills to the ones they had just studied.  The students all understood classroom expectations.  We ended the day in the computer lab. was a hit with everyone.




My take away from all of this was what a joy to spend time with any student young or old here at Academy Schools. A reason for this is that I had time to spend time guiding each student.  There was no need to rush through 30 seconds of instruction so I could get to a small part of the group.  I had time with every student, and every student was a joy.



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