Middle Schoolers are Magnificent Moodlers!

by Kori Malone

The school year is underway, and the middle school students are embracing technology daily.  They receive all of their assignments and homework daily in a virtual classroom in the Moodle environment (an open source course management system).  Here is a picture of the top of the middle school’s learning area.

One thing they really enjoy is using the forum area.  In a forum each student writes their response to a prompt.  After the students have each written, everyone can read what they wrote and make comments or ask questions.  We have been reading BOY by Roald Dahl, and in this forum each student wrote what they would keep in their tuck box if they went to boarding school.  Each student commented and questioned each of their peers.

My Middle School Moodlers have other benefits from untilizing this environment.  Their homework is in our virtual classroom and they can access it from anywhere there is internet access; no more excuses for forgetting homework.  Also, students submit homework electronically, so we are not using as much paper as usual.  If you would like a demonstration of our virtual classroom, please contact Mrs. Malone ( {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} ).

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