Middle School Newsletter – Nov. and Dec.

Field Trips!
This month we went on two field trips. One of them was to the Cedar River Water Shed Museum. We learned about water quality testing and the water cycle. At noon we went to the Snoqualmie Falls. It was cold and the restaurant let us in to eat our sack lunch. We hiked down to the river. We also went on a field trip this month to the Seattle Art Museum, Impressionist exhibit. We saw works by Manet, Monet and Degas. Our last field trip was to the Bellevue College planetarium and the Hugo House for a poetry writing workshop. We ate lunch at Mediterranean Express.
MS Social Studies
In MS Social Studies we learned about the culture, the religion and history of Ancient Greece. We studied the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, the Trojan War, Phillip II and Alexander the Great. We also learned about modern Greece. We made calendars based on the Greek Gods and drew portraits of the Greek Gods. After the break we will learn about Ancient Rome.
MS Science
This month we studied constellations and severe weather. We also studied preparation for natural disasters. Some natural disasters are earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and tsunamis. We have inventoried our student emergency kits, and we are in the process of making suggestions to improve our school Emergency Preparedness Plan which will be submitted to Mrs. Malone and Mrs. Sargent for review.
MS Art
We made our own salt dough sculptures. In the sculpture we had to show some kind of emotion or movement. Then we painted them with acrylic paint. We did paintings in the style of Monet. We watched a video about Monet’s life and his art.
MS Music
We have been playing music with boomwackers. We have been making our own compositions and playing them in class.
MS Spanish
We learned about the body parts in Spanish and how to describe people. We learned how to describe yourself, your feelings, and how the weather is. The weather was very lluvioso. We learned about conversing.
MS Math
In math, we have been learning about graphs and order of operations. We have been learning slopes, and equations for lines. We have also been learning about operations with multiplications.
MS Language Arts
We have been reading Freak the Mighty, and The Odyssey, and The Giver. The themes of Freak the Mighty are friendship and the power of imagination. The Odyssey is a Greek epic poem written by Homer about a hero’s journey home and the obstacles the faces along the way. The Giver is a novel about a boy who lives in a community without color, without feeling, and without memories. A young boy helps them discover color, hope, and joy.

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