March Madness

Field Trip Notes from Mr. Tower

Academy Schools felt strangely empty the last week in March after our high school students (and several middle school students as well) left for their big trip to Washington D.C.

Of course, the middle school kids who remained behind knew all about the excursion to our nation’s capital and they wanted to do some outdoor exploring of their own, especially with all the glorious sunshine we were getting!

On the Friday before spring break we all piled into the Academy Schools van and headed to the University of Washington to enjoy the cherry blossoms and visit the best college campus in the country (biased opinion from a UW grad).  Once we arrived, the middle school students were broken into two teams who would be participating in a scavenger hunt.  Each team was given a map of the campus and a set of clues that would lead them around to various important buildings and features.  At each destination they had to provide proof of arrival with a group photo..

Team 1 - standing outside the Husky Union Building

Team 1 – standing outside the Husky Union Building

Fortunately, the weather remained perfect because we all logged several miles as each time worked their way clue-by-clue to the final destination, Drumheller Fountain.

Team 2 - enjoying a break at the finish line

Team 2 – enjoying a break at the finish line

After some much needed rest we hopped back into the van and made our way to Gas Works Park.  There we enjoyed the splendid view of Lake Union while we ate our lunches in the sun.

Before returning to the school, we introduced the students to the ancient and exhilarating sport of bocce ball. In this game, pairs of students compete to throw different colored balls at a smaller white ball, which is thrown and becomes the target.  Whichever players get closest to the target win points for their team.  While Dr. Boomhower and I won the first game by a narrow margin, the students quickly learned the technique and soon their skills had surpassed that of the teachers! 

Bocce Ball Competition

Bocce Ball Competition

Taking our middle school students to the University of Washington campus was a great opportunity for them to begin looking forward to what college might look, feel, and sound like…wherever they may end up.  At the same time, it was great seeing them have fun with the scavenger hunt and bocce ball.  Childhood is short and it is important that our students enjoy our time together, playing and exploring the way all kids should.

Special thank you to Nathaniel’s mom, Chris Withers, for joining us as a chaperone.  Parents are always welcome to join us on any field trips!

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