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20151201_220728283_iOSAt Academy Schools, we are dedicated to helping our students understand people travel many different paths to achieve their life goals.  It is not always a direct path from high school to college to the career of you dreams.  Bruce McIntyre and Diane Solvage-Angell visited with our students, and below the high school language arts class has shared a glimpse into these assemblies.



20151119_172336921_iOSOver the last month, we have had two incredible guest speakers come to Academy Schools.  Our first speaker was Mr. McIntyre, a versatile man who has overcame many obstacles to get to where he is today. Mr. McIntyre grew up in an impoverished neighborhood of New York City without a stable home life.  Through hard work and the positive benefits of football and school, he was able to gain an academic scholarship.  From there he went on to play as a NFL running back, work as a guidance counselor, art teacher, car salesman, and commercial businessman.  In each of these endeavors he became successful because of his passion and positive attitude.  Through his example, we have learned the value of perseverance and to never give up on our dreams.


Our next speaker was Ms. Solvage-Angell,20151201_220713050_iOS an artist and published author.  She started her art career by making sculptures out of salt dough for various advertising purposes.  Her clients included banks, insurance companies and churches. She is also an avid painter.  Later, as technology advanced, she began producing her artwork on the iPad through various applications.  She has used her vast experience to provide her knowledge about art and design to others.  To date, she has published three hardcover art guides, one E-book and is currently in the process of illustrating a children’s picture book.

In conclusion, we have learned from our two visitors that almost anything can be achieved through determination and passion.

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