Kinder Musings

K 4-15a

The Kindergarten class has been working hard since Winter Break. In reading we have been working on learning sight words. Each week we get a ring with our new sight words to bring home. In class we do fun activities to help us learn each word. We understand that knowing these words will help us with learning how to read. Two times each week we get the opportunity to read with reading buddies. On Wednesdays we read with first graders. We get to pick books on our level and they read to us. Then on Thursday mornings upper school students pick books out of the library on all different subjects. We love our reading buddy times.

In math we are learning to identify different kinds of shapes. We like to create art images using these shapes. We are learning about the qualities of each shape; for example how many corners each shape has as well as how many sides. Here is a picture of one of the assignments we did while learning about shapes:

K 4-15 b

We are also learning how to use Math Mountains. With Math Mountains we take a number and find its partners. Math Mountains help us learn our math facts and how to break apart numbers. Our Math Mountains look like this:

K 4-15 c

In social studies one of the subjects we have been studying about is our culture and where each family is originally from – our diversity and heritage. We did a homework assignment on ‘our family’ – on what kinds of foods we like to eat, where we like to travel, what languages my family speaks, and our favorite family tradition. Then we dressed a person in clothes of our culture. Here is a picture of the final project:

K 4-15 d
As spring is in full swing the Kindergarten class continues to learn new and exciting things every day both within the classroom and outside in the gardens in science class.

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