Jump for Joy – It’s June!

From Mrs. Artnzen’s classroom

Hello Parents,

We are in the home stretch! We only have a couple days left of school! This has been an amazing school year filled with so many great moments!! More than I could even list! With this last days of school, we will be completing final assessments, participating in spiral review of concepts learned and playing some fun games connected to skills and concepts attained throughout the school year. This has been an incredible year and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach your little ones. ~Mrs. Arntzen


·         Money

·         Measurement using simple and standard tools

·         Telling time on a digital and analog clock

·         Double digit addition and subtraction


·         Silent Consonants

·         Spiral Review


·         Two-syllable words          

·         Compound Words

·         Conjunctions (or, and)



Your children have definitely increased their reading stamina and almost all of the students are choosing chapter books to read.  Fluency, comprehension and reading levels have increased for all and I am very excited to see where the next levels will take them in their reading journey. The Magic Treehouse series is a favorite in our class!

Seattle Aquarium


We recently took a trip to the Seattle Aquarium where the children got to see first-hand some of the things that we have been talking about in class. They had a great time and there was even enough time to head to Alki where they quickly rolled up their pant legs and explored the low tide!

Social Studies

We are wrapping up the last few pages of our map books and I have been excited to see that your children have learned to use a map key, a compass rose and are quickly learning to read directions when it comes to maps.

Alki Exploration


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