The Incredible Science of Plants!

by Mrs. Rodriguez


Over the past couple of months the students have been learning about the science of plants. paperwhites

The students have learned the different parts of the plants as well as the vital role each part plays. In the 1st and 2nd grade classroom we have planted blubs for a paperwhites plant and for the amaryllis plant. Before we left for break our paperwhites, that bloomed quickly when we first planted them, started to die. The amaryllis plant had not grown its major stem with the bud of its flower.

The students hypothesized the plant probably wouldn’t be alive when we got back. The reasons were that the plant wouldn’t get light and no one would be here to water it. By the looks of the picture below the student’s hypothesis was incorrect. The plant had its own agenda and that was to bloom. We are patiently waiting for the arrival of the flower to bloom.


We took advantage that we still had our paperwhites in the classroom. We were able to take a close look at the root system of a plant. The students carefully pulled the plants from their pot and placed them on a piece of recycled paper. Some of the students were amazed at how thin the roots were and how it grew such a large plant. Some couldn’t believe how long the roots were and it sparked conversation as to why plants of such long roots. Students discussed how the plants roots were long because they had to look for water to feed the plant so it could grow. The students can’t wait until spring to see their hard work in planting the bulbs pay off with a beautiful plant.

Ewan - bulb studyThe students at Academy School are so fortunate to have an incredible collaboration between an upper school teacher and the lower school. The students in lower school get a 40 minute lesson a week from Ms. Boomhower along with a science lesson from their classroom teacher. The week before students went to winter break they planted many different bulbs in our outside learning lab with Ms. Boomhower. They discussed the environment the plant needs in order to grow. It needs healthy soil, water, and light. The students were careful to plant the bulbs according to the correct depth to ensure the plant will bloom.

Brynna - bulb study





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