Happy New Year from Miss Carlton’s Class

Students in Miss Carlton's class will take  turns bringing Mr. Bear home for a sleepover.

Students in Miss Carlton’s class will take turns bringing Mr. Bear home for a sleepover.

There are some exciting things are going on. A bear found its way into the classroom. The children are each taking turns taking care of him in class. On the weekends one student takes him home to visit. The children are journaling about the exciting adventures they have with him. After reading the story The Three Bears in the Pacific Northwest we realized that Mr. Bear needed a home and a boy or girl of his own. He is part of our class auction project. The students are turning the journal into a scrapbook and are writing the story of how he got lost and ended up in our classroom. The story will be part our quilt. It will be fun and the children learn to use sentences in creating an original story. We are also making his own tote bag to hold the quilt and Mr. Bear for sleepovers. I am also throwing in the wonderful book, The Three Bears of the Pacific Northwest.

Our reading program has changed a little. At the beginning of the year the students were learning phonics and decoding skills. There are still a lot of phonics lessons, but the children are all reading so well that now we are looking at the elements of good stories, plot, character and setting. Through the vocabulary, students are learning about the relationships of words and that words can have more than one meaning.

At the end of the month we will take an exciting field trip to Soundbridge, where we will be making musical instruments. We get to eat lunch in the Boeing Company Gallery. After our instrument-making workshop, we will get a tour the concert hall.

Next month our class will celebrate 100 days of school. We will have lots of counting activities. One of the things we hope to do is make our very own 100s day T-shirts. With about 30 days to go the whole class is excited about this special day.

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