Going Global in Mrs. Arntzen’s Class

Going Global

This has been a fantastic week! First, I would like to thank the PTO and my parents for the teacher appreciation gifts. I am most grateful! Next, I would like to point out that there are merely six weeks left of school! In that time we will be wrapping up our academic concepts, doing some spiral review of what we have learned throughout the school year, and taking some more fun field trips and sunshine breaks to refresh our brains and bodies for learning!

Upcoming Events:

Seattle Aquarium-Thursday, May 25th –9:00 am- 1:30 pm /Reptile Man 2:15-3:30

No School-Memorial Weekend- Friday, May 26th -29th

Save the Dates

Donuts for Dad- Thursday, June 8th

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium – Tuesday, June 13th –9:00 am- 2:00pm

Field Day- Friday, June 16th- 10:00am – 12:00pm


  • Recently, your child has been working on the sounds of the following vowel pairs: oi/oy and ow/ou. They are doing pretty well distinguishing the sounds in their writing. Last week, your children learned how to sound out words with 3-letter blends with words beginning w/ str, spl, spr, scr. This week we will be working on silent consonants.


    • Subject/verb agreement
    • Quotation Marks/dialog and the use of speech bubbles to show conversations
    • Using commas to separate dates and words in a sentence


  • Writing letters to friends and family with commas at the greeting and closing
  • Writing sentences to include quotation marks
  • Writing comic strips to demonstrate dialog and speech between two characters


      • Decoding two-syllable words
      • Character, setting, plot
      • Reading comprehension


          • Pennies, nickels, Dimes and Quarters (and some bills)

    We have had a lot of fun with this unit! In addition to worksheet practice, your children have had the opportunity to “shop” for groceries using their coins, interact with money via the Smart Board and sing songs related to coins and the counting of them.
    Social Studies

    Me and my place in this world

          • This week, we wrapped up our unit called Me and My Place in this World. The finale was creating a model of the earth complete with the continents (see above pic). 


  • Science
          • Our recent trip to the Pacific Science Center was really fun! A huge thank you to the family volunteers who came along to help out. We took a few breaks to let children run in the sunny field after lunch and before we went home. Due to the popularity of this unit, our next course of study will be Me and My Place in Space. We will study the planets and their proximity to the earth.

    “If you trust play, you will not have to control your child’s development as much. Play will raise the child in ways you can never imagine.” ~ Vince Gowmon

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