Geography News from Middle School

Post by Kevin Tower
Last semester, our middle school students went on a field trip to learn about Washington State History and Culture at the Burke Museum.  Our tour guide, Morrow Wood, led us through Native American culture and even gave us some hands on experience with tribal tools and costumes/ornaments used in special ceremonies! 

At the Burke

Next, each student designed their own Native American inspired mask.  Finally, we all participated in a scavenger hunt that took us on a journey through time.  We learned that Washington was once almost entirely underwater before the age of dinosaurs! 

We ended the day with some fun by going the UW Student Union Building Bowling Alley!  With six lanes, we all had plenty of chances to chase after that elusive strike. 

“My favorite part of the day was bowling,” ~ Annika

Both groups of Middle School students are unique, friendly, curious, and always engaged with their learning.  The past few months at Academy Schools have great for all of us and I know that 2017 will be even better as we transition out of Geography into Washington State History.  Thank you for raising such great children.  I feel privileged to spend time with each of them and help as they prepare to transition into High School.

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