Fun In The Great Outdoors

Outdoor Adventure

We kayaked on the Foss Waterway in Tacoma, learned how to play Frisbee golf, climbed some real rocks in the mountains, and learned some knot tying. Some of our students saw fish and enjoyed floating in the water. They learned the value of perseverance in trying the difficult climb up the rocks, and relaxed among the beautiful old trees in the Cascade Mountains. We were proud of each of them for trying something difficult and new even though they were worried.


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We learned to cook in the great outdoors. We built fires, cooked and enjoyed our food and each other…tacos, apples with peanut butter, and s’mores, oh my! Everything tastes better around a camp fire! And, not only did we learn how to start a fire. We also learned how to put one out. Ask a Summer Academy camper what 3 things a fire needs.

outdoor adventure 5                  ???????????????????????????????At the Nature Consortium, we got to hear banjo music, dig up blackberries, do an outdoor art project, and learn about invasive plant species. Other adventures during the week included a nature walk where campers got to touch real wild animal furs.

outdoor adventure 8        outdoor adventure 9Teamwork skills were put to the test while riding 6-man bicycles on Alki beach with the beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains behind us. When asked how they did, we heard “WE WON! WE WON!”  “What did you win?” and the response was “WE WON! WE WON!” We are still not sure what they won, but I’m glad they were excited about it.

Sadly, our week was quickly over. Mr. Monger and Walter fell asleep on Dr. Boomhower’s couch.

Outdoor Adventure

It was a busy and fun week for all. It certainly seemed that all the kids had a great time! Have a great rest of your summer! Thank you for letting us borrow your kids for Outdoor Adventures at Summer Academy. It was nice to share our enjoyment of the outdoors with them. I look forward to more outdoor adventures next summer! ~ Mrs. Monger



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