First Day of School and So On – Mrs. Malone’s Minute

Wearing new shoes and backpacks

What time will we eat our snacks?

That tempting box of new crayons calls

I can see my parents walking the halls

Where does my coat go?

When will we get the day off for snow?

When is my first assignment due?

My teacher promises it’s easy too!



What an amazing first day of school!  The teachers were more excited than the children, or so I thought until we opened the front door.  But the most excited of all was the parents.  They smiled and hugged, and knew that Academy Schools had their students well in hand.


I have the distinct pleasure of standing in front of your students every 20150901_153745243_iOSmorning.  I see them ready to start their day.  They always have great answers to questions.  It is amazing to watch the pre-kindergarten class learn all of the words to the Pledge of Allegiance.  Almost every student comes to love their turn to hold the flag and lead the pledge.  I am sure the high school students might be more enthusiastic if we held our opening around noon.

The first day of school has flowed into the first week of full days.  There has been a hundred precious moments.  I think my favorite by far was the opportunity to share 9/11 with the students.  I poured over options and really tried to decide how to handle the anniversary of the day that all adults remember with a gambit of strong emotions.  I found a worthy way to honor the lives lost.  A video from an email struck me as just the right option for our 9/11 observance.

The faculty agreed that we should honor those lives by doing one good deed each day.  We gathered around the flagpole while Mr. Daniel lowered the flag to half-mast.  We said the pledge and sang “This Land is Your Land.”  When everyone was back inside, we watched the video together, and accepted the challenge of doing a good deed. We have a wall in the atrium ready to record every good deed.

It has been a great two weeks.  Every day every student is smiling as they get in the car.  I would like to think because they loved their days; I know its because they can’t wait to get home to play.




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