Middle School

“My son came to this school with a high IQ, but low social skills and impulsive behavior. Because of the patience, compassion, knowledge and love of the staff at Children’s Academy he has grown into a successful teenager. He now is doing well in a tough program at a public high school. I do not know what would have happened to our family if we would not have found Children’s Academy. He was a student there for six years.”
~ Parent of an Academy Schools Alum

Visual and performing arts instruction in Middle School

In all areas of our curriculum, developmentally appropriate materials and methods are used. Students constantly apply skills learned in one subject to interdisciplinary projects. In group lessons we utilize active, multi-sensory methods to reach as many students as possible. Programs are personalized to meet the needs of students.

Language Arts: We teach the mechanics of reading and writing as well as instill a love of books and respect for self expression. Our goals are for students to understand and enjoy what they read and to express themselves clearly in writing.

Math: Through manipulative and contextual learning, students understand concretely what abstract math equations mean. Students are expected to master problem solving strategies.

Science: Students learn to classify, record, and evaluate data as they develop and test their hypotheses through hands on experiments and direct observation.

Foreign Language: The emphasis is on speaking accurately as well as learning about the culture and countries where Spanish is spoken.

Fine Arts: Students are introduced to musical concepts and conventions, drama, and creative and visual art utilizing a variety of mediums.

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