Kindergarten – Elementary

Challenging, personalized curriculum meets the needs of the students
Academy Schools recognizes that each child learns in his or her own unique way. In all areas of our curriculum, developmentally appropriate materials and methods are used. Students constantly apply skills learned in one subject to interdisciplinary projects. In group lessons we utilize active, multi-sensory methods to reach as many students as possible. Programs are personalized to meet the needs of the students.

  • Small class sizes of 1 to 10 teacher to student ratio
  • Challenging, personalized curriculum to meet each child’s academic needs
  • Performing and Visual Arts Program
  • Spanish and Physical Education classes
  • Tutoring, Speech, Language and Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, Counseling and Social Skills available as private pay services

Personalized curriculum and small class sizes are hallmark. Through personalized curriculum, we are able to provide a challenging and engaging program that is age and developmentally appropriate for each student. Gifted and children with uneven skills are both served in our school’s enrichment program.

The students at our school feel safe, encouraged, and supported throughout their learning experience. Our school provides a challenging and exciting learning environment that engages all of our children. It is not uncommon for children to want to ‘stay after school’ because they are enjoying school so much they don’t want to go home. We offer After School Child Care, Music Club, Chess Club, Homework Club, and other quarterly after school activities.

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