“My son attended Children’s Academy for seven years. He came as a kindergartner and in the first grade his teacher realized that he had difficulties with reading. Because of the constant attention to individualized instruction throughout the next three years, he mastered the skill. In public school, it is unlikely that it would have been even noticed. Due to the diversity of pupils, he made lifelong friends with a wonderful group of students and their parents who all care deeply about the education of their children. We cannot say enough about the caliber of teachers, parents and students at this school.” ~Parent of an AS alumni

An Academy Schools 2nd grade student shows off her missing teeth and a giant set of teeth after a special lesson about how to keep your teeth strong for life.

Academy Schools, founded in 1995 and incorporated as a non-profit 501c3 corporation, prepares students for a lifetime of success. Typically developing, gifted, and students with learning challenges are taught in small classes (1 to 10 teacher to student ratio). Teachers are trained in the areas of Dyslexia, High Functioning Autism, Sensory Integration, Speech and Language deficits, and behavioral interventions for each of these deficits. They are also trained in methodologies for instructing the highly gifted and capable students. These methods have proven most effective for all students in our program as they provide highly structured lessons with predictability and hands-on learning activities. Personalized curriculum and instructional methodologies are designed for each student. Our school supports a full range Arts programs (visual, musical and performing), foreign language and physical education classes for all students.

Academy Schools has expanded outside school resources to provide physical therapy, speech and language therapy, positive behavioral intervention approaches, school-wide social skills classes and multi-phase Autism educational supported interventions. Our staff continues to hone their expertise in educating a wide variety of students. It is through these combined efforts that we have experienced high percentages of students entering and succeeding in the College and University arena.

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