Developing Life-Long Readers

By Mrs. Rodriguez

Readers 11-2014

Over the years I have received a great deal of questions from parents dealing with many different subjects. The number one question I get from parents the most has to deal with reading. Parents ask how they can make reading more fun for their child so they will want to read more. The answer I give often surprises the parents.


I ask them what they read for enjoyment. They will give me an answer. I ask them why they decided to read that particular book. I ask them did they pick the book because of the genre or because of the author. Most of the time they tell me because of the genre. I tell them the same is true for their child. Ask the child what genre they like to read. Do they like to read adventures? Do they like to read about animals? Do they like to read fiction or non-fiction? If they aren’t sure which areas they like talk about areas they would like to try.


Then take a trip to the library. Together check out some books in each of the areas the child indicated they like to read. Be patient. They might want to start a book and then they find that isn’t a genre they like to read. So encourage them to try another.

Another suggestion is to create a reading environment. Gather pillows and a lamp and create a cozy area for them to read at home. Or when at the library get a couple of copies of the same book if the library has it available. Then have your child invite one or two friends to do a book club with them. They can meet at a Starbuck’s and read over hot chocolate or at someone’s house. I hope these ideas and suggestions work to develop life-long readers.



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