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It is important that all students have a well-rounded life.  Physical activity and being part of a team are great reasons to help your student find a sport they enjoy. Corbin is a senior this year, and has enjoyed playing water polo for years.  One’s senior year on a competitive team in high school is one of the most bittersweet seasons. It is common for the student to most likely excel to his/her highest level, and to most likely to hate playing his/her last game.

We celebrate this time with Corbin, knowing his life is just beginning, even though he will be leaving us very soon. His mom shared this with out staff:

“Thought I would give you some State Water Polo results.  Thursday and Friday did not really go as planned, with two losses.  However, Saturday, the boys pulled out a win in overtime by one point! The exciting win let them place 7th in the tournament.  In the oDSC_0183DSC_0365vertime period, three of our starters fouled out.  Then Corbin received his second foul (a player is only allowed three).  This allowed the other team a free 5 meter shot against Corbin.  This kind of a shot is almost always guaranteed a point, but Corbin stopped it! Finally the clock ran out, and the boys just went nuts.  This group of guys have worked very hard, and their smiles and jumps for joy showed it.  Last year they got 8th in State and this year they got 7th!  Great ending for Corbin’s High School Water Polo career! ”

  This year he was awarded the Most Valuable Defense Player!  Way to go, Corbin!DSC_0382

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