Civil Servant

By Joshua Burchardt

On April 22, 2015, Upper School students got the chance to learn what it is like to become an Officer of the Law.

Randy 2Students got to learn the background story of how Officer Randy Huserik became an police officer. In college, he got a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, intending to work in journalism for his life. He was a reporter for four years, and decided he didn’t want to do that all his life. One day, at a wedding, someone that he know was a detective in the SPD (Seattle Police Department) was also attending. That detective wanted him to apply since there was a need to hire more police officers.

Officer Huserik has to take a written and physical test. A job that he still takes part in is Field Training, which he explained to Upper School. He has been a teacher in field training for 11 years. He said that he very much enjoys his job and loves serving the community.

Randy 1Officer Huserik has been serving the SPD for 16 years now.

Officer Huserik will have the chance next year to take a written test, and be interview to earn the rank of a Sergeant.

Upper School students were given the chance to ask various questions. Some questions were what was a typical day, and what gear does a typical officer have on every day. He showed how his firearms and Taser worked. Officer Huserik also showed how certain objects worked and what features they had and what it was best used for.

The students were very thankful and learned many things. We give thanks to Officer Randy Huserik for giving the Upper School students an inside look on what it is like to be an Officer of the Law.

Randy 3

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