Churning in the Rain

Oct 2014 6

Last week the 3rd through 5th grades visited the Mary Olson farm. Members of the Olson family lived there from 1879 to 1971 and the farm has been restored to the way it looked in 1904. The farm operated as a subsistence farm, providing mostly just what the family needed to survive with little surplus for marketing or sale. The following are the students’ impressions of their farm experience.

???????????????????????????????I (went) on a field trip to the Mary Olson Farm. It feels like we went back in time to 1904. They have a loom that when the peddle is pressed, the string switched. ~ Colby




Oct 2014 2I’m gonna tell you about one of my favorite things at the farm – making butter. I’ll tell you how to make butter. You’re gonna need a butter churn, milk and sugar and move the butter churn handle in a circle for about twenty five minutes and done – there’s your butter. Then my second favorite thing was when we got to feed chickens. The people that worked at the farm (said) that if you put your finger in the fence, that they could bite your finger off. ~Jack H.    Oct 2014 5




Oct 2014 4On the Mary Olson Farm they have two cows. One’s name was Annabelle and the other one’s name was Libby. When Annabelle was 2 weeks old she came to the farm. She had to be split from her mother and father. So when she arrived she saw Libby … and thought Libby was her mother. ~ Cayla




Oct 2014 1Fun Facts:   * We got to make apple juice.     * Things that are old are called artifacts.  ~ Gurveer

On the trip I saw … animals. There was a butter churn and a haystack and a house and a mini garden and apple trees and a cider press and a great day. ~ David

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