Celebrating The Learning Community!

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One of the most incredible benefits of attending Academy Schools is the community it builds amongst the students. It is truly amazing watching all grade levels from pre-K to 12th  learning, playing, and enjoying each other. To watch the interaction between the grade levels is like a watching two leaves traveling together in a stream. It is natural for the older students to help and care for the younger ones. It is natural for the younger ones to look up to the older students as mentors and role models.

 We have been fortunate in the last few weeks to have had an opportunity to get upper school and lower school together for PE. Before mid-winter break the high school students had a chance to play soccer with the lower school. The lower school kids had such a fun time trying to get the ball. The upper school students were amazed at how quick and what good skills the younger students had during the game. Soccer can be a rough game at times. A couple of times the high school students kicked the ball and it accidentally hit a younger student. Normally a teacher would be right there to help out. No need, the high school students have it under control. Of course the teachers were there. How amazing was it to see the older students take such care in making sure the younger kids were alright. Then the students re-directed and got them back enjoying the game.

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Recently it was the middle school students turn to have a game with the lower school. Once again you saw the compassion and the care they had with the younger students. In February we celebrated “National School Choice Week”. Families made a choice to come to Academy School for the amazing instruction the students receive in their classrooms. The other reason families decide to choose Academy Schools is for the feeling of community – both in and out of the classroom.

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