Benefits of Small Class Size

By Vineet Kumar, Parent and Board Member

Students receive more individualized instruction

Students receive more individualized instruction

Compelling evidence demonstrates that reducing class size, particularly for younger children, has a positive effect on student achievement overall.. There has been a lot of research that strongly advocates that reducing class size helps raise student achievement, regardless of their learning ability. Researchers have found that class size reduction raised the proportion of third graders who exceeded the national median by 10.5 percent in math, and 8.4 percent in reading.

less time on discipline, more time on instruction

Benefits of small class size = less time on discipline, more time on instruction

In addition to increasing student achievement, smaller classes:

  • Improve classroom atmosphere, students receive more individualized attention and teachers have flexibility to use different instructional approaches/assignments.
  • Have fewer students to distract each other; lower level of noise.
  • Enable teachers to know the students better and can offer more extra help; recognize learning problems/special educational needs.
  • Have fewer discipline problems. By spending less time on discipline, teachers report spending more time on instruction.

Class size reduction is most effective when classes are between 10 and 15 students.

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