Back to School in Pre-K

By Mrs. D’Souza

Our Pre-K students have had an amazing first week, and a great start to a wonderful school year. They are adjusting quite well, and, most important, they are feeling secure and comfortable. Their first day of school jitters evaporated when they met Cupcake, the cow puppet, and gave her a hug…..


They are discovering that School is a fun place to be. They are getting acquainted with one another, and bonding together as a school family. They have sung songs such as, ‘This is Our School Family’, and have echoed chants like ‘These are My Friends’, and ‘Who took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar’.  They have been introduced to the Pledge, weather and calendar, are practicing pre-writing skills. They have listened to stories like Llama, Llama Misses Mama, The Kissing Hand, and David Gets Into Trouble.


Excitement is in the air every morning as they gather together in the Atrium to recite the Pledge, and listen to announcements. At snack time their smiles and talks are certainly bigger than their appetites. They are having fun at the outdoor big toy and exploring varied play experiences at their play centers. They are striving to understand classroom rules, routines and expected behavior through fun activities, and teacher modeling.


At Academy Schools, we like to do our best to help your child enjoy school and make learning a pleasant experience.

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