An Author in Our Midst

One of Academy Schools’ own has a newly published book! Jeffrey Cheatham, Josilyn’s dad, has written a book entitled The Family Jones and The Eggs of Rex. Sean Crum is the illustrator. The story is about a family who discovers a magical bracelet and is sent to a mysterious land of dinosaurs where they learn the value of friendship.


“Family is the magic we all can create. The magic is with helping others. After a rainy night, The Family Jones discover a mysterious book and bracelet that suddenly sends them to Dinoland where they meet Papa and Mama Rex and go on a wonderful adventure to help The Rex family recover their eggs that were taken by Terry the Pterodactyl.”

Jeffrey is a first time author. “The motivation for this book came from the most beautiful girl in the world, my daughter, Josilyn. I wrote the book because I always wanted her to have something that her dad did that she can be proud of.” After completing the manuscript, Jeffrey searched for a self-publishing company and found Outskirts Press. “ I developed a strong relationship with them, and also connected with a super talented illustrator, Shaun Crum.”

Cheatham book 1

If you ask Josilyn about the book, her response is “kind of amazing.” What about having a dad as an author? “It’s kind of cool. He’s a great writer.”

When asked what else Josilyn would like to share about her dad, books and other things, she replied, “We (she and her dad) go to the library and pick whatever book we want and take them home. Dad always reads me a bedtime story.”


Josilyn would like her friends to read The Family Jones and the Eggs of Rex, so if you are interested, please go to:

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