Schedule a School Visit

We welcome new students and their families to our school. Enrollment occurs year-round. Parents are invited to contact Mrs. Sargent, Executive Director, at 206-588-0860 or email at: {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} to schedule a school visit, tour the facility, meet the staff and have your questions answered. After parents visit, a school visit for their child is scheduled through Mrs. Sargent. Depending upon student’s age and grade level, visitation may be either half day or full day. Any prior student records are requested and reviewed by the admission staff. Following student visit, admissions staff will meet with teachers to discuss student, test and screening results. Student placement and desired program needs are also addressed at this time. Following review of the above information a recommendation is made regarding issuance of an enrollment contract. Parents will be notified within two weeks of the Admissions committee enrollment decision. If student is accepted, a contract will be issued. Upon receipt of the enrollment contract, parents will receive the parent-student handbook which must be reviewed and approved along with signed contracts. Contract and deposit plus related fees are to be paid as indicated in the enrollment letter. Incoming families will also be contacted by a current school parent to answer any questions you may have. Additional fees are charged for outside school activities and van transportation. A schedule of these fees will also be available for incoming students and visitors.

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