All Hands On! NatureBridge!

Middle School Notes from NatureBridge, May 2017

Favorite Part:    

“Nature Bridge Itself!  I like the location, staff, activities…basically everything.” – Logan 

“I liked the people at Nature Bridge.” – Armaan 

“The people and Nature Bridge and my friends.” – Kesha 

“Getting to know my classmates better.” – Benji 

“Learning more individually by doing stuff.” – Mirah    

“I really enjoyed the canoe ride.” – Jack 

“My favorite part of Nature Bridge was when I went to the beach (tide pools).  And the hiking trails.” – Alex M.     

“My favorite part was the canoe ride.” – Annika

“My favorite part of the trip was hiking on rocks.” – Gurveer 

“My favorite part was canoeing.” – Chris     

“I liked everything!” – Kirin and Noah     

“My favorite part was hearing our group’s echo off the mountains.” – Sarah     

Favorite Part:

“The cabin was very noisy.” – Shang 

“The fact that I was allergic to most of the food.” – Mirah 

“Slipping on the rocks at the beach.” – Jack 

“My least favorite part was leaving.” – Kirin     

*Lots of students said that they didn’t have a least favorite part! ~ Thank you, Mr. T.!

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