Academy Schools Students Go Underground

By Laura Arntzen

Going Underground

On Friday, January 19th, the 2nd-5th grade students had the opportunity to take the Link light rail to Seattle to attend a field trip to the Seattle Underground Tour. There they got to explore the relics and building remnants from the early 1900’s and learn in depth about the Great Seattle Fire of 1889 and how the devastation spurred the building of an entirely new city raised above sea level.

Once the group emerged to street level, they walked ten blocks to the Pike Place Market and had their lunches. After lunch, our group scoured the Market in search of some exotic produce to purchase.

Gum Wall

On the way out of the Market we paid a visit to the Gum Wall located in Post Alley.

Their teachers surprised them with a final stop for gelato before they boarded the light rail back to school. It was a great experience for all!

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