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Hello Parents,

I would like to welcome Dylan and Ishaan to our classroom in the afternoons for science and social studies. It is a joy to teach such attentive and curious boys and I look forward to the discoveries they will make with us. Over the course of the next six months you will receive regular updates about what they are learning in class and their work will go home as completed about every two weeks. Please feel free to contact me via email any time. Thank you! ~Mrs. Arntzen



This week we began a new unit called Caring for Earth’s Habitats. We learned about the various forms of pollution and what we can do to reduce waste. Each one participated in water pollution experiments where they had to clean polluted water using only a cotton swab and cotton ball. We learned that when a birds feathers get coated in oil from an oil spill it is not easy to get off! In addition, they viewed a video clip about floating garbage “patches” accumulating in the convergence zones in the ocean. Your children also took part in a sorting activity to determine the items that would go into compost, paper, aluminum or plastic recycle. Next week, we will learn about water and the affect is has on weather.


Social Studies

Currently, we are learning all about Martin Luther King Jr. and the significant role he played in history including details about his early life, education and family. They have also learned about non-violent protests, what a boycott is and what the word segregation means. We participated in a side- by- side equality comparison entitled:  Then and Now to see how far we have come since 1968. The boys have demonstrated compassion through their thoughtful discussions and participation in class.



“We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character–that is the goal of true education.”~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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