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Mrs. Arntzen’s and Mr. Ross’s Classes at Seattle Center after seeing “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” at The Seattle Children’s Theatre.

Hello Parents,

This month is moving along at high speed!  Just two short weeks until winter break! Last week we had an incredible time at Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The actors, costumes and set were incredible and the boys enjoyed being the only lower school class chosen to go with the “big kids” from Mr. Ross’s class. They came back and wrote about their favorite parts of the show to add to the school blog.


Recently, we have been learning about telling time, using a calendar and place value. This week, we will be learning about coins, rounding and estimation.


Last week, we learned about plants and animals of the Arctic and this week, we will begin Life in a Desert. As part of our study, we learned about the snowy owl and created our very own snowy owl. They will be bringing it home this week.

Social Studies

We have wrapped up our study of Europe. This week we will take a break from working on continents and begin our civics unit titled: How Government Works. In this unit we will learn about the three branches of government and break down the roles of each of the branches. Our study will include an introduction of our current president as well as informational facts about presidents of our past.  We will also examine a diagram of the White House and also discuss some of the famous monuments created in remembrance of some of our presidents.

Language Arts

We continue to enjoy the Amulet series and are currently reading Book 2 called The Stonekeeper’s Curse. cvKeepersCurseComing up in our writing journals, your child will be given a specific prompt for each day which will include fun, child-friendly questions to engage their creativity and provide opportunities to expand on their responses.

Just a few quick notes and reminders

  • Report cards will be coming home this week.
  • Next Friday, December 18th will be a half day.
  • There will be no school December 21st – January 1st

As we wrap up the last two weeks of this year, I just want to say that I am so very proud of all the hard work your children have done. They have matured so much both socially and academically in the last four months and have proven they are ready to take learning to the next level! I am so excited for them!  Thank you for all you do to support your child at home! Wishing you all a very peaceful holiday with your families and friends.



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